Vision & Mission

Since 2012, KHOTCHER GLOBAL FOOD become a leading firm of importer, exporter and distributor in food and beverage industry partnered with many leading manufacturers from New Zealand, Australia, Japan and USA. We offer an extensive range of top-quality ingredients and additives. We maintain a high-quality standard of product and service with the support of our staffs and ready to serve from industry to retail market in Thailand.

Our product ranges include raw materials & food additives for Food and Beverage Industry and various products and ingredients for Retail and Food Service/Catering. We maintain a sufficient warehouse and distribution. Furthermore, we ensure customers that our company do the best to provide the highest quality of product and innovation as well as the service continuously.

Our Products

Khotcher Global Food specialise in trade and distribution of;Dairy ingredients for agri-food industry processors; Whole Milk powder, Skim Milk powder, Skim Milk replacer, Whey and lactose, Whey protein, Cocoa powder and Matcha green tea powder.
​If you are looking for a reliable partner, you are in the right place. We supply all dairy ingredients needs. We committed to offering the best products to our customer. To this end, Khotcher Global Food collaborates with New Zealand, Australia, Europe and USA dairies factories.


We supply our clients with the best quality Whole milk power in New Zealand, Skim milk powder from Australia and US. We stock our clients with a wide range of nutritious options, and qualities.


Khotcher Global food believes that the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle starts with a person’s diet. That is why we only supply our clients with the very best Milk product for customer. We support Wangnamyen dairy co-operative to use the oversupply raw milk to turn into Q-life milk tablet. Read on to learn more about our goods.

Specialty Coffee

Homemade Bakery



The specialist is a term used to refer to a person or group of people who are regarded as those who know and have access to the subject matter of their interest. To specialize in any subject requires diligence, patience, and perseverance in order to fully understand them and be able to improve or build on it. Today, Khotcher’s cafe that started as a Specialist, which is not coffee. But it is one of the key ingredients of coffee making in many menus. Khotcher’s Café, a coffee shop that was born a few months ago. which is a coffee shop that builds on being a product expert and importing products related to cow’s milk This is one of the main ingredients of a coffee shop after coffee beans. Because coffee shops nowadays tend to have a menu that is more than 60% related to coffee and milk, that’s a guarantee that the beverages of the shop will choose the ingredients that can be used perfectly. Not only drinks but snacks and snacks are also excellent.